Marvelous Produce Farms

  Where the produce is nothing short of the name 

Where can you find us????

Located in the Lowe's Shopping Center in Seaford, DE. Right behind Walgreens at the end of the Lowe's parking lot.

22958 Sussex Hwy. Seaford, DE 19973

We will be opening for our 2017 produce season on Saturday May 13th!!!! Can't wait to see you there!!

Hours of Operation

Monday- Saturday: 9 am- 6:30 pm

Sunday: 10 am- 6:30 pm

Come by and see us!!

Welcome to Marvelous Produce! We are located in Seaford, Delaware,  in the Lowes shopping center. We offer fresh fruits and vegetables from mid- May through the early part of the fall season. The majority of the produce we sell is what we grow ourselves or by our local farmers. It is our focus to bring high quality produce through high quality customer service to our community. Stop by Marvelous Produce and check us out, where the produce is nothing short of the name.







Our Story:

      Hello! My name is Shane Marvel, owner of Marvelous Produce! In 2013 we opened a stand in Seaford at the Seaford Village Shopping Center. This was not our first experience in selling produce, just a revival of what my brother and I did as a child. When we were young we had a small garden every year and would sell our vegetables in our grandparent's neighborhood. Our grandfather would pull our little red wagon behind his riding lawn mower and we would go door to door selling our vegetables. We first started doing this when my brother was seven and I was five. At the time I had no clue that this would be the start of a serious business. At the time it was a way of spending time with our family and enjoying the outdoors. Then fifteen years later I found myself searching for a summer job. My parents pitched the idea of opening my own produce business. Over the previous five years my older brother had run a small scale produce business, for more or less a hobby. During that time I worked for him off and on, learning about the produce industry and the do's and do not's of running a business.

      Needless to say in May of 2013 I opened my own produce business in Seaford. I used the money I make to help pay for my college expenses. I graduated from Salisbury University in the Spring of 2016 with a bachelor's degree. Paying for college is expensive but thanks to my customers , they make this task less daunting. Now that I have finished college, we continue to expand the business every year. For the 2017 season we have started a delivery service to both households and businesses (see tab at the top) in the Seaford and Bridgeville area. It is in our plans to be in a stand alone market building within the next three years where we will be able to expand our operation further so we can better serve our great customers. Growing and selling produce has been a passion of mine for a very long time and I am thankful that I get to serve people with some of the best produce Seaford has to offer! If you get a chance, stop by and check us out!

- Shane Marvel- Owner of Marvelous Produce